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– Could you tell us about the nature of your business?

3D Investment Partners Pte. Ltd. is an investment company that was founded in 2015. We mainly invest in companies listed in Japan.

– With so many information resources available, why do you use VQ?

We conduct market research of investment targets using various methods, including research reports by securities companies and statistics from various sectors. When we refer to the opinions of industry experts about industry structures, trends, and unique practices, VQ is an important resource because it allows us to reach a range of experts with diverse executive experience in a multitude of fields.

– In what aspects of pre- and post-investment do you use VQ?

We mainly use Expert Interview for research before making investment decisions, and Expert Surveys and other methods together with Expert Interviews when involved in business or operations after investment. We are aiming for value investments, to find real value in places where it has yet to be recognized by the market. Therefore, when considering investments, it is very important to understand the added value of the products and services of the targeted company. Expert Interviews are useful for understanding qualitative values in the sector, which are hard to express in quantitatively.

As participants in the stock market, we are in a position where it is easier to research business and competitive environments of a company. Therefore, after the investment is made, we provide and share as much information and analysis as possible with the investee company so that they can use it as a reference when making major corporate decisions, such as business improvements and capital policies. We conduct Expert Surveys on a regular basis and quantify the qualitative market trends that are difficult to collect for operating companies collect directly by increasing the number of respondents.

– In what aspects of pre- and post-investment do you use VQ? How do you use them differently?

As mentioned above, we find VQ’s services very useful to understand “the added value provided by the company” and “changes in the industry trends and competitive environment to which the company belongs” before and after the investment.

VQ’s Expert Interview service provides a list of experts and arranges calls within a week from request. In addition, we can choose from a large number of experts with detailed backgrounds, so we are able to receive consulting services from the most suitable experts to meet our needs. As a result, we can reach many experts in shorter time periods than before, and this has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of our research when considering an investment.

We utilize the Expert Survey periodically as a quantitative and qualitative survey of multiple experts in the target industry to gain an understanding of industry trends through fixed-point observation. Governments and industry groups publish statistical data of target industries, but there is a long lag before publication in some cases, or certain indicators that are important for investment decisions are not aggregated. With the expert survey, it is possible to independently design the targeted experts, content of the questions, frequency of the questions, and regularly collect opinions from multiple experts regarding industry trends in a pinpoint manner.

In addition, if a change is detected in the responses from the experts, we can conduct an Expert interview directly with the expert who changed their response regarding the trends to gain deeper insight into the factors behind the change and future trends. With the combination of Expert Survey and Expert Interview, it has become possible to build and verify a hypothesis and recognize changes.

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