Unison Capital Co., Ltd.

VisasQ’s service helps strengthen investment thesis and enhance value creation for investee companies


Mr. Jun Uchikura

– Please tell us about your business.

Founded as an independent fund in 1998, we have led the industry as a pioneer in private equity funds. We have invested in a total of 34 companies (comprising a total enterprise value of 800 billion yen) in a wide range of industries including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. We also provide support to increase the value of investee companies in the long run.

– How did VisasQ help?

VisasQ helps us in three phases of investment activities. The first phase is an evaluation of the investment theme, interviewing the industry’s top players on the history and structure of the industry when we want to obtain an overview of the industry. The second phase is to evaluate investment projects more specifically. At this stage, we interview people who have experience and expertise of work processes at the field level. We will delve deeper into details such as competitive advantages and specific operational methods in promoting the business. In the third phase, we will conduct interviews with those who can provide insights and advise on growth of the business of the investee after the investment. In this case, the themes will vary depending on the business issues faced by the investee.

– How do you feel the benefits of using VisasQ?

Although we have conducted interviews with experts from our own network, we ask VisasQ for help in areas where we face difficulties in accessing. In addition to desktop research, we can collect raw information by speaking with professionals in the industry. This enables us to formulate our hypotheses and test them with higher accuracy. While I do occasionally engage specialized consulting firm for industry research, I feel that I can only be fully confident in my hypotheses through direct interactions with VisasQ’s advisor.

I also value and appreciate their help because after submitting a request, I receive a comprehensive list of relevant advisors within one or two business days and able to proceed with setting up interviews within one week.

– Who would you recommend VisasQ to?

In our company, it has become modus operandi to involve VisasQ and their advisors when exploring investment themes. Regardless of whether you are a professional services firm or corporate business, there is exceptional advantage in getting help from VisasQ when you have a need for insights into any specific industry. By speaking to people who have existing or prior experience and expertise in the industry, it may be useful for benchmarking competitors. Currently, our company is only collecting information from VisasQ’s advisor network, but we would like to seek new forms of collaboration, such as enlisting advisors’ help to increase the value of the investment portfolio companies.