Personal Information Protection (and Handling) Policy

VisasQ Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is developing a spot consulting service and business incidental thereto.
The Company prescribes and thoroughly complies with this Policy as a code of behavior to be adhered to by all employees of the Company in order to appropriately handle all personal information provided for use in the Company’s operations.

1. The Company shall comply with laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information, guidelines prescribed by the government, and other standards.
To this end, the Company has formulated and appropriately manages a management system for the protection of personal information based on the Japanese Industrial Standards’ Personal Information Protection Management System (JIS Q 15001).

2. The Company shall obtain, use, and supply appropriate personal information that takes into consideration the business content and scale. The Company shall not handle personal information in excess of the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use and shall take measures to obtain, use, and supply appropriate personal information.

3. 当The Company shall conduct necessary and proper supervision of persons entrusted with the handling of personal information to ensure the secure management of the handling of entrusted personal information if the handling of personal information is entrusted in whole or in part.

4. The Company shall not provide personal information to third parties unless the individual concerned has agreed or unless pursuant to laws and regulations.

5. The Company shall take measures to prevent and correct leaks, loss, or damage to personal information.

6. The Company shall endeavor to appropriately and promptly respond to complaints and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information. The Company accepts requests to disclose personal information subject to disclosure that is retained by the Company (notifications of purpose of use, disclosure, revisions and additions or deletions, suspension of use or provision). Please contact the Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Desk stated below regarding procedures for requesting disclosure, etc.

7. The Company shall carry out ongoing improvements to the personal information protection management system.

Date Enacted: March 4, 2016
VisasQ Inc.
Representative Director: Eiko Hashiba

Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Category Purpose
Information Registered by Members To provide services, to contact members in relation to the provision of services, and to send related emails
Inquiries Information To respond to inquiries and contact received by the Company
Client information For the purpose of regular communications, notification of events with related materials, accounting and PR.
Recruitment Information To conduct personnel recruitment activities such as screening applications, interviews, assessments, and making contact, etc.
Employee Information To appropriately manage employment of staff

(1) To create statistical data useful for improving Services and developing new services
(2) To plan events, to conduct checks in association with entering or registering for campaigns, etc., to liaise, to send campaign content, or to send premiums
(3) To customize information displayed on Service screens, services, and advertisements, etc. in line with users’ interests and preferences
(4) To appropriately manage the Service
Note: Use shall be in accordance with such usage purpose if a usage purpose is separately specified or notified.

2. Provision of Personal Information

(1) Personal Information submitted shall not be provided to third parties without consent from the individual concerned; provided however, that information may be provided when corresponding to any of the following items.

1. When disclosing necessary information to other members in order to provide services, having indicated or notified the individual concerned of necessary matters in advance and within the scope agreed
2. When complying with laws and regulations
3. When there is a possibility of a threat to the life, health, or property of the individual concerned or the general public
4. When it is particularly necessary in order to improve public health or to promote the healthy development of children and when it is hard to obtain consent from the individual concerned
5. When cooperating with the performance of duties prescribed in laws and regulations by a government agency, local public entity, or a party entrusted thereby, and when the performance of such duties will be hindered by obtaining consent from the individual concerned
6. When operations are inherited due to merger or some other reason and when handling such personal information within the scope of the purpose of use prior to inheritance
7. When the Company entrusts its operations in whole or in part to another company and discloses or provides personal information to such contractor
8. When customizing information displayed on Service screens, services, and advertisements, etc. in line with users’ interest and preferences and disclosing or providing personal information to companies that post advertisements in order for such customization

(2) Personal information disclosed or provided to companies and organizations, etc. pursuant to item 7 or item 8 of the preceding paragraph is managed in accordance with the provisions concerning personal information management prescribed by such companies and organizations, etc.

(3) Users who use the Service are deemed to have agreed to the disclosure and provisions of items 1 to 8 of paragraph 1 of this Article.

3. Handling Personal Information on the Company Website

(1) Use of Access Logs

The Company gathers access log data such as users’ IP addresses in order to manage the system on the Website. The Company also uses access logs to investigate use of the Website. The server records users’ IP addresses, browser information, and access date and time, etc. when a user accesses any of the pages on our Website and our system. Ordinarily, access logs are processed statistically and are not linked to personal information. However, identities may be uncovered using access logs if deemed necessary to protect the Company or other users’, etc. rights, property, or services, etc.

(2) Cookies

The Company may send cookies to users’ PCs via our Website. Cookies installed on users PCs are used to improve convenience for users by identifying their PC. At present many browsers are initially configured to accept cookies. Users can, based on their own judgment, reconfigure their browser to block cookies or to indicate that cookies are being sent. However please be aware that parts of our Website may not function correctly if cookies are blocked.

(3) Security

The Company takes extreme care with regard to the security of personal information in services on our Website. While the Company continues to constantly do our utmost to ensure security please be aware that it is never possible to be 100% secure. At times external websites that are not under our control may independently gather personal information on users. The Company cannot manage personal information on such websites. Please refer to details stated on such websites regarding privacy and use such sites based on your own judgement.

4. Handling of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

Please contact that Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Desk below regarding Familiarization with Matters Concerning Personal Information Subject to Disclosure, such as notification of the purpose of use of personal information, disclosure, revisions or additions or deletion of personal information, suspension of use, erasing, and suspension of provision to third parties, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Disclosure, etc.”). We will respond without delay. The provision of information you enter is voluntary; however, please understand that we may not be able to respond to your request if you do not provide use with accurate information.

5. Personal Information Protection Manager

VisasQ Inc. Executive Officer

6. Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Desk