VQ enables clients to engage industry experts through several solutions
under our rigorous compliance policy


  • Consulting fims

  • Investment firms

  • Banks

  • Public Sector

  • Healthcare
    Corporate Planning

  • Service
    Business Development

  • Chemical Material

  • Media
    Employee Traning


  • One-on-One Meetings

    Clients can connect with VQ’s experts across industries and geographies through face-to-face meetings. With over a decade of vastly diverse searches, VQ’s recruiting analysts are experts at finding appropriate experts.

  • Phone Consultations

    VQ’s dynamic network and dedicated recruiting team allow leading investment firms, consultancies and corporations to access in-demand, first-hand perspectives through one-on-one phone conversations with experts.

  • Expert Surveys

    Staying on top of trends, monitoring the competitive landscape, and finding comparative data are all very time consuming process. Building a custom survey with VQ is easy. VQ’s highly experienced team can consult with you to identify requirements and vet targeted experts as well as design and administer the survey.

  • Site Visits

    VQ provides cross-border corporate access specifically to clients looking to diversify their investment overseas. This service provide the world-class industry tours and on-site meeting and reviews.

  • Seminars and Master Class

    These seminars and Master Class are focused on educating businesses and investment professionals on current trends and key topics in various industries.

  • Long-term projects

    VQ’s network provides unique access to dynamic and compelling leaders. VQ can connect professional clients with industry executives, recognized authors, scientists, doctors and economists, former government, and regulatory officials. Clients can leverage VQ’s experts for a number of long-term strategic projects.

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